New digital services in Agrion's renewed website

New digital services in Agrion's renewed website

Whether you're an owner or a tenant, whether you're selling or looking to lease land, you can now manage the process almost entirely digitally.

This is possible through our renewed website . The site offers almost all the services its customers are looking for - from buying to leasing to financing farmland inititives.

Over the years, the company has developed a number of free land-related services. Through the site, any farmland owner can take advantage of a free appraisal of their property, no matter where it is located. The company also assists in gathering the necessary documents for a transaction. This is of great importance to sellers who in most cases are not aware of what documents to prepare and where to get them from.

Those who have cases with their property or just want advice regarding land relations, can contact the experienced lawyers at the company and get free legal advice. Agrion's team of solicitors are highly specialised in land relations and are ready to assist with even the most complex land ownership cases.

Particular attention is paid to transactions with ideal parts. Often the owners own only a part of the agricultural property. Few of them know that this property is also worth money and can be sold. To make this happen, one can rely on legal assistance, which the experts of Agrion can give absolutely free of charge.

The site is divided into several sections, each of which provides almost all the functionality of a real deal.

In the "Services/Land Leasing" section of, enterprising Bulgarian farmers can rent or lease land in all parts of the country. For added convenience, all the documents needed to participate in the auctions for renting the properties are also published there.

In the section "Purchase of agricultural land and fields" any seller can find out the price of his land for free. It is enough to know where his property is located and what its land number is. With the help of a specially developed software, Agrion's experts will prepare a free valuation of his property and return an adequate price offer that meets the specifics of the particular agricultural asset.

When authorized by the client, Agrion's experts prepare the entire transaction and the sellers appear in person only to collect the sale proceeds.

The website provides information on several options for communicating with the company's experts - via the toll-free number 0800 111 66, live chat via the website, email as well as through the brokers by region, whose contact details can be found in the section


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