Necessary documents

Here you can find all necessary documents for a deal

Ownership documents
• Deed;
• Decision to restore the right of ownership of agricultural lands;
• Voluntary Partition Agreement;
• A judgment for partition;
• Handwritten or notarized will or testament;
• Decree by a bailiff for the assign of a property to a public auction;
• Sale agereement for heritage
• A judgment declaring the preliminary contract for final
Deed is one of the most common used titles to property. Deeds can be of two types - those which certify legal transactions - deeds of buying and selling, donation, replacement, transfer against an obligation for support and care, etc., and conclusive deeds. Conclusive deeds can be issued on the basis of submitted documents and the so called “Circumstance inspection”. They only recognize and certify the right of ownership of the applicant on a particular property, but they do not transfer or establish property rights over the property.

Some notarized contracts have the same legal force, as voluntary partition agreements and sale of heritage agreements.

Agreements for acquisition of state-owned or municipal property also serve to prove the rights of the buyer, who then sells the property. They do not require notarization of signatures, but only registration at the Land Registry of the Registry Agency.

In case of patrimony the testament together with the testator’s documents of ownership prove ownership of the person to whom it is done.

Proof of ownership is also different judgments: partition agreement, a decision to put in the portion of one of the heirs of indivisible property, a decision declaring the preliminary agreement for a final, and more. If the property is obtained through a public sale of property, the decree of the bailiff to assign the property plays the role of an instrument of acquisition of ownership over it.


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