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Does Agrion buy forests, orchards, vineyards, etc.?
Yes, the company offers similar possibility, but each property is treated individually.
Can I sell the land if I am only a joint owner?
When you are a joint owner of a certain property, you have the right to dispose with your ideal part of it – i.e. to sell, transfer, mortgage it, etc. The activity of Argion’s company includes the purchase of ideal part of a property if it is not bound by long-term contracts. Our brokers will explain you in detail the procedure and will assist you with legal advice what the best option in this situation is.
How can I sell land that I have inherited?
You shall acquire a certificate of inheritance, which to add to the other required documents for the sale of agricultural land. In case you are several heirs, the others must also give their consent for the sale before the notary or to authorize you by a notarized power of attorney to represent them at the finalizing the transaction and to sell their inheritance shares.


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