Purchase of agricultural land

Purchase of agricultural land

The company Agrion carries out purchases of agricultural lands across the country
from owners, an intermediary or corporate clients.

Agrion is the most recognizable brand within landowners. For nearly 75 percent of them and more than half of the farmers in the company, Agrion is the preferred partner for land deals.

Each of them receives a fair and correct deal, quick payment of funds and a guarantee that their property will be managed in the best way..

How to begin?

Make an online request for an offer for your land or contact us on our national free phone number 0800 111 66.

You only need to know the land property number and where it is located

How it happens

With the help of specially developed software, Agrion's experts prepare a free assessment of your property and a price offer that meets the specifics of the agricultural asset.

What you get
  • Free agricultural land evaluation
  • Free legal advice
  • Assistance with the preparation of the necessary documents for a deal.
  • If the customer authorizes Agrion expert, the entire deal can be prepared by Agrion and the seller can appear only to receive the amount of the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy agricultural land?
Yes, the activity of Agrion includes the agricultural assets management and the purchase of land in all regions of Bulgaria. We have 21 offices across the country where you can get information about the price and opportunities for active management of your land. The company believes that the natural use of the land is to be used for agricultural production, and in this way the highest efficiency is achieved. On the other hand, investment in agriculture is a matter of long-term planning and proper structuring. Therefore, for the owners of agricultural land who do not intend to enter in this industry permanently, a decision is to grant on lease their property or to offer it for sale. The first decision conceals certain risks - whether the tenant is correct; whether and how he will take care of the earth; whether he will pay you regularly his rents; therefore, the sale appears to be a more secure alternative with better financial effect. No matter what you choose, seek professional advice from experienced experts who have observations on the market.
Does Agrion buy forests, orchards, vineyards, etc.?
Yes, the company offers similar possibility, but each property is treated individually..
Can I sell the land if I am only a joint owner?
When you are a joint owner of a certain property, you have the right to dispose with your ideal part of it – i.e. to sell, transfer, mortgage it, etc. The activity of Argion’s company includes the purchase of ideal part of a property if it is not bound by long-term contracts. Our brokers will explain you in detail the procedure and will assist you with legal advice what the best option in this situation is.
What documents do I need if I want to sell my land?
In general, in the sale of land you need a proof of ownership (decision of the land commission, deed or partition agreement), current sketch of the property and tax assessment. You can acquire a current sketch of the property from the relevant Municipal Agricultural Department (MAD), and the tax assessment – from the relevant tax office. If the landlord has died, you need to include a certificate of inheritance. The document is obtained from the municipality where the last registered address of the deceased is.


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